Flight Medicine Systems' Managing Director, Dr David Newman, is no ordinary specialist. Dr Newman's combined academic, scientific, aviation and military experience affords him a uniquely panoramic perspective on the problems of human performance in the flight environment. He has received numerous national and international awards for his aviation medicine efforts.

He is a graduate of a diverse range of institutions, such as Monash University (MB,BS), the Royal College of Physicians of London (DAvMed), the RAAF Institute of Aviation Medicine, the RAN School of Underwater Medicine, the RAF School of Aviation Medicine, the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, the University of Newcastle (PhD), the Australian Institute of Company Directors (Diploma), and Deakin University (MBA).

His 13 years as a military officer and aviation medicine specialist in the Royal Australian Air Force, in both Australia and on exchange in the UK, include three years in support of tactical fighter operations and two years as Chief Instructor at the RAAF Institute of Aviation Medicine, where he was responsible for the training of all Australian Defence Force aircrew and medical officers.

Dr Newman holds a number of academic appointments. He is the Professor of Aviation Medicine and Head of the Aviation Medicine Unit in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University. This Unit is responsible for the Australian Certificate in Civil Aviation Medicine (ACCAM) course which attracts students from around the world, as well as the new Diploma in Aviation Medicine. In addition, he is a consultant in aviation medicine to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia.



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