Flight Medicine Systems offers a comprehensive and high quality range of aviation medicine training services to the global aviation industry. Covering all aspects of human performance in the flight environment, the training is designed to improve awareness of the medical and physiological effects of flight, in order to enhance the safety of those who fly.

Flight Medicine Systems provides a range of aviation medicine training products and services for:



 Our training progams cover the following important topics:

  • Altitude physiology
  • The effects of hypoxia
  • Decompression
  • Spatial disorientation awareness & recognition
  • Visual illusions
  • Fatigue in air operations and its management
  • Human factors
  • Crew resource management
  • Motion sickness
  • Fitness to fly
  • Drug and alcohol management programs
  • First aid
  • Passenger health issues
  • Night vision devices
  • G awareness and protection
  • Ejection
  • Survival
  • Environmental conditions


Flight Medicine Systems also offers unique human factors training programs for non-pilot audiences:

  • Surgeons & Anaesthetists
  • GPs
  • Corporate training

If you have specific requirements, or would like to discuss a tailored solution to your aviation medicine training needs, please contact us directly.

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