Flight Medicine Systems provides a diverse and extensive array of aviation medicine and human factors consulting services to over 40 clients in 25 countries across the entire global aviation industry. We pride ourselves on delivering a cost-effective, high-quality service to our customers.

Our military and civilian aviation medicine consulting services include (but are not limited to);

  • Development of and assistance with military and civil aircrew training systems
  • Centrifuge test and evaluation
  • Training needs analysis
  • Military aeromedical training equipment technical advice and evaluation
    • Hypobaric chambers, disorientation simulators, ejection seat training systems, night vision training systems, etc
    • Development of key user requirements
    • Performance specification testing and evaluation
    • Acquisition assistance
    • Business case development and financial modelling
  • Analysis and review of civil aviation medicine regulatory structures, governance and compliance
  • Audit and oversight of civil aeromedical licensing frameworks;
  • Assistance and advice in relation to clinical aviation medicine governance and regulatory compliance
  • Fatigue risk assessment
  • Specialist human performance input into transport incident and accident investigations
  • Strategic planning, business development & risk assessment
  • Product development and commercialisation

We have particular expertise and experience in multi-modal transport accident investigations. This expertise includes medical & forensic data interpretation, and for aircraft accidents also includes flight data analysis and where appropriate flight simulator-based event reconstruction and analysis. We have provided highly specialised aviation medicine and human factors consultant advice and assistance to 26 accident investigations for a number of investigation agencies and operators around the world. These include 14 aircraft accident investigations in 4 countries involving a range of different aircraft types and operations (light aircraft, military jets and commercial airliners).