DAvMed Prep Course

Welcome to the Prep Course for the UK DAvMed exams. This course provides a range of learning materials to assist you in your preparation. It is designed to be completed in conjunction with a full reading of Ernsting’s Aviation Medicine textbook, as well as the relevant UK CAA clinical guidelines. Over the 12 months of this course, the following reading guide is suggested for Ernsting’s text:

Military Aviation Medicine

This course is specifically designed for experienced aviation medicine specialists who require additional knowledge regarding some highly specialised military aviation medicine topics.

DAvMed Prep Course – Month 4

In this month’s course, the areas covered are noise, vibration and vision. Importantly, the vision lesson includes visual aids such as helmet-mounted displays and night vision goggles, which were originally designed for military applications but are increasingly being used in civilian aviation settings.

Flightcare Global Aviation Medicine Course

Welcome to the Aviation Medicine Course for Flightcare Global’s Medical Case Managers! This course is designed to give you an understanding of the fundamentals of aviation medicine, particularly as they relate to passengers on an aircraft. This knowledge will help you make better, more informed decisions in your role as a Medical Case Manager.