Welcome to Flight Medicine Systems Pty Ltd

We are a unique and innovative Australian company that has been providing highly specialised aviation medicine training, research, consultancy and accident investigation services to the global aviation industry for over 20 years. Our mission is enhancing human performance in the flight environment.


Our comprehensive range of aviation medicine training is designed to improve awareness of the medical and physiological effects of flight, in order to enhance the safety of those who fly.

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We provide a diverse and extensive array of aviation medicine and human factors consulting services. Our work spans over 40 clients across 25 countries in both the military and civil aviation domains.

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We offer a comprehensive range of aviation medicine research services, including particular expertise in multi-modal transport accident investigation. We can respond to any research requirement.

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What’s New

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary since our founding in March, 2000. Some highlights of our last 20 years:

  • 40 clients in 24 countries
  • 25 accident investigations (including 14 aircraft accident investigations, in 4 countries, ranging from light aircraft to commercial jet airliners)
  • Over 1200 doctors trained in aviation medicine
  • Over 2500 pilots trained in aviation medicine
  • Over 150 training courses delivered
  • Centrifuge test and evaluation activities in 5 countries
  • Over 20 major aviation medicine consulting contracts delivered internationally.

Thanks to all our clients for their support over the last 20 years.